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as u and me know that VISA application requires rm849 bank draft. its not a small amount of money for certain people especially us, who are the scholars.

some of us might have financial problem in getting that whole lot of money to apply visa. but by no choice, we gotta have that amount of money for the application.

we follow what the VFS people want, what the embassy UK needs. but sometimes, thing does not work out as u wish.

if there are approval, there must be rejection.

it applies to this VISA thing. there must have a few of our friends who did not get the approval in VISA. these people wil have to start their VISA application all over again and they gotta make up another rm849 of bank drafts. in total they need almost 2K to get their visa done!

terrify u? thats the fact.

so, in helping those unlucky one to get the money, we came out with this fund called Tabung Untukmu VISA- T.U.V. its a fund that is specially made for only KPM scholars who do not get their visa approval.

in another cruel words/ statement, the one got rejected.

as long as u r KPM scholars cohoart 5, failed to get approval of VISA and from KYUEM and INTEC, u are automatically qualified for this fund.

there are more details that we have in this TUV. but we will make this a formal announcement once we have settled everything. any queries please leave a message here or buzz me at YM.

sorry for other scholars who happen to browse into this page. we are not trying to be sarcastic or pilih kasih or bersemangat sponsor, but we are doing this for a group of 100++ people.

we are afraid that letting other scholars to be part of this will create chaos and conflicts which is really unncessary. our friendship with other scholars might be affected due to this if this is opened to everybody. we do not want that to take place.

any suggestions and ideas and comments, please lemme know. by any means. thank you!!!

To give some amount of money to any INTEC and KYUEM cohort 5 ( INTEC- naufal’s batch, KYUEM- neo’s batch) scholars that has got rejected in their VISA

Fund resource:
From all the students of cohort 5 + those who wanted to help

Those qualified for this fund will be getting a minimum amount of rm50. The amount will be higher if there are more donation been made

Starting from now until everybody is confirmed to have VISA approval.

To do so, you can either bank-in into one of these account no and sms the value that you deposit. InsyaAllah. We’ll try to protect ur identity.

CIMB Berhad
Naufal Jailani
Contact no : 013-9147 257(celcom)

Maybank Berhad
Lili Tai binti Iskandar Tai
Contact No : 013-6422198(celcom) @ 016-6337922(digi)

Marilah berusaha untuk menyumbang, walau sedikit.

Seorang seringgit, seratus orang dah seseratus ringgit. Seorang lima, setus ratus orang dah lima ratus ringgit. Kalau sepuluh ringgit..?

Lili cakap, budak-budak kpm, boleh saja nak bagi secara cash 9 Sept ni.

Apa-apa, boleh rujuk lili dan naufal. Mereka akan update 3 hari sekali.

Sorry for the late post, cik lili.

May God pour His blessing upon us… Ameen.


2 responses to “TUV

  1. lili 7 September, 2009 at 10:11 am

    apela ko ni.. ingat gtaw sume gals ek. thx

  2. adiLa 8 September, 2009 at 1:23 am

    wow! 1st time lili drop komen.hehe. ahlan buk =)

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