Pre-Departure List of Things


Saya berkesempatan mengikuti Muslim Overseas Camp (MOC) sekejap cuma.
Tak sampai dua hari. Ada urusan lain.

Slot ustaz Hasrizal, Fiqh of Travellers yang pastinya takkan dilepaskan 8)

Lepas tu terus balik. Maaf ye pihak komiti.

Sangat rugi rasanya bila borak dengan kawan-kawan, banyak perkara yang saya tak tahu lagi.

Apa nak bawa. Tips-tips masa nak berangkat.

Terima kasih pada yang rajin mengexplain kembali kepada saya. Korang pun dapat handbook iLuvislam yg pasal pre-departure lists tu kan.tak dapat..huu

Di bawah ni list yang diberi kak Zaza Aberdeen, alhamdulillah sangat membantu untuk saya. Jazakillah kak!
Ada orang lain yang buatkan, pemuda KMB rasanya. oh terima kasih anda! (detail sungguh list ni)

Semoga membantu juga untuk anda-anda yang seperti saya =)

p/s: yang tulisan oren dalam bracket saja yang tulisan saya.


Assalamualaikum to all future leaders.

So now I am going to make it an ease for you by providing a simple guide about the preparation.

OK here comes the worst part of your preparation before you can play with the snow. In this long msg I will tell you what you need to do and what you don’t have to do to go oversea. PLEASE PRINT THIS OUT.

You have to treat all your documents with high priority and careful. One wrong step will lead you to a REAL mess. Make a file and list of things you have done and you haven’t done. Be proactive (not passive) to make sure your documents have received by the person and being processed.


Things you need to do:

1. Send one or two copies of your unconditional offer letter to your sponsor.

a. Send by fax or by hand is the fastest and the safest way. You can use post service but make sure you use pos laju only. I don’t suggest pos express because it doesn’t come with receipt.

b. Make sure you phone them before you want to fax the document. You can use your parents’ offices to fax the doc.

c. OK I understand that you are still waiting for the letters from your university. DO NOT WAIT!! You have to find out whether your univ have its office in Malaysia. If they have office in Malaysia you can easily ask the staff there (with really urgent intonation) to print out the letters to you. You just have to provide a copy of you’re A-level or IB results (ask from your collage, KMBians can just print from online) to the staff.

d. Make sure they print it on a paper with your university head letter on it.

e. If you just wait then you won’t be able to fly in time. No letters you can’t go to oversea.

f. If they don’t have the office in Malaysia then you have to email to them asking whether they have send it to you or not.

2. After that your sponsors will give you the offer letter (from sponsors) and the contract (4/5 copies).

a. Complete these documents ASAP. The faster you completed them the faster you can get your money and visa.

b. Make sure you know what to fill in each and every blank in the contract. DON’T ASSUME.

c. Fill in the contract with 200% cautious. You won’t be given a new one if you fill it wrongly and you won’t get your money

3. Then, you send the documents back to the sponsors. I would suggest you send it by pos laju or by hand to avoid lost of documents. Make sure everything is included before you post it or give it to the officer.

4. When you have done all the above you can now proceed to your visa. You can check the list of documents you need to apply for a visa on the net. This is a very crucial moment. If you didn’t provide the right document you will be denied for a visa. There are student who have to pay RM500.00 again to apply visa for their second time.

a. For UK students:

b. For Ireland students:

c. For Australia student:

d. For other student : you can check it online (sorry I cant provide the information because I don’t know where else you guys are going)

5. While waiting for the visa you can have your medical check up ready. You can do this at government hospital ( cheap, but longer time – 1 week) or in private hospital ( expensive, short time ).

a. The important medical test you should do is TB, HIV, chest X-ray, urine test.

b. There are other tests that you will see in the medical check-up form. Make sure you have to answer it all to avoid being stopped by the airport staff.

c. For Hep B vaccination, you still can go overseas though you are not vaccinated for Hep B. You can get it for free in UK. But in other countries you can ask your seniors about it.

6. You will get the accommodation details from your universities. Please keep all the information with you until you have arrived at your room later. Sometimes what you see as unimportant to you is important to the oversea people.

a. Take note of your room / house address in oversea. WRITE IT down in a small note book or diary.


Ok now its shopping time!! I am aware that Mega Sale is all over the city right now and this is indeed the best time for you to shop till you drop. But bear in mind that you should buy within 20kg / 30kg.


1) I suggest you should bring only one big luggage with the size 30 – 32. (Beg yg ada tayar. Senang nak jalan2 nnt)

2) You should spend more on your luggage because higher price guaranteed better quality. A few brands that I would suggest are Antler and Samsonite. These bags priced in the range of RM 500- RM 1000. They have guarantee for 5 – 7 years that the bag will not break apart. If it was damaged you can return to its outlet at oversea and they will give you a new one.

3) But if you can afford to buy a RM 500.00 bag, then you should not push yourself to do so. You should bear in mind that there are other important things you must buy to go to oversea (books, perencah masak, etc). Use your money wisely.

4) If you are allowed to bring 20kg for check- in luggage, make sure your bag doesn’t weight 19kg or 15 kg only. Make use of the weight fully and don’t waste it. You can go to the nearest airport, fruits shop or the groceries shop to weigh your bag.

5) These are the things that I brought to UK. My bag was at its limit, accurately 30kg. This list might not be sufficient for the ladies. I AM SORRY FOR THAT. You can try asks the seniors what other things to add.

a) Masak

i) Periuk nasi
ii) Sudu dan garfu (1 + 1)
iii) Pinggan dan mangkuk (1+1)
iv) Tupperware
v) Perencah brahim’s or adabi
vi) Ikan bilis,[aik..] serunding (you can also bring maggi and 3 in 1 sachet)[eh..jom boikot maggi..cari brand palestine! hehe]

b) Mandi – bawak bekalan untuk 1 – 2 bulan, sabun basuh baju tak perlu sbb berat dan kat sana boleh beli nanti.

i) Syampoo
ii) Sabun mandi
iii) Pembersih muka
iv) Shaver
v) Ubat gigi dan berus gigi
vi) Bedak
vii) Perfume
viii) Sikat
ix) Minyak rambut
x) Tuala
xi) Tuala kecil

c) Ubat – pastikan anda minta tolong doctor kat klinik anda untuk tulis surat cakap ubat2 yang anda bawak ni adalah untuk kegunaan anda.
i) Panadol dan panadol soluble
ii) Plaster
iii) Minyak angin / minyak panas
iv) Vaselin / petroleum jelly (reaaally important in winter if you don’t want your hand to crack and bleed)
v) Multivitamin

d) Kain baju
i) Songkok (tudung and anak tudung for the ladies)

(1) Nak bawak kepiah pon ok tapi songkok mmg kene ada untuk majlis rasmi.
(2) I don’t suggest you buy songkok lipat sbb nampak tak kemas and macam org kampong. You have to be in your best attire sbb you are the professional Muslim. Show them your best side and gain respect.

ii) Baju melayu (baju kurung for ladies)

(1) Make sure ada baju melayu hitam or kemeja and kot untuk majlis rasmi.
(2) Baju kurung make sure cukup untuk dipakai 3 – 4kali dalam seminggu. Usually your senior pakai baju kurung di selang- seli dgn long pants.
(3) You can bring long skirts if you are going to a non-winter countries

iii) Sampin
iv) Shirt – 1 helai
v) Neck tie – 1 helai
vi) T- shirt (lengan panjang atau pendek) – 10 helai

(1) I rolled all my clothes to save space
(2) T –shirt ikut suka nak ada kolar atau tak nak. You are in university now. No more dress code.
(3) T shirt make sure cukup untuk seminggu pakai. After a week ulang je corak2 yg sama. Nobody cares.

vii) Seluar (jeans and casual) – 5 helai

(1) Anda amat perlukan seluar yg kain tebal (tak semestinya jeans je) for autumn and winter.[hurm..pikir panjang.ramai orang kata elok bawak jeans. oh, …]
(2) The ladies nak bawak seluar pon ok je.

viii) Underwear – 10 helai
ix) Tali pinggang -1
x) Track suit – 3 helai
xi) Stokin – 3 helai [ladies yang pakai socks..ini tak cukup ye]
xii) Kasut – 1pasang

(1) Its best for you to bring just one shoes only. Choose a shoe that you can use in any circumstances (main, berjalan-jalan, majlis rasmi, etc). I brought a Nike basketball shoes, black in colour, water proof. Kasut tu mmg diguna untuk jadi kasut hitam dalam majlis rasmi, untuk main, untuk jalan-jalan.
(2) Two shoes are still acceptable. More than that you have to sacrifice your money to pay for excess luggage.
(3) Buy water proof / water resistant shoes (for those flying to UK, Ireland, Russia and other winter countries). It is always raining there and walking with wet shoes is the last thing you want to do. It’s very uncomfortable, cold and not good for your feet.

xiii) Baju Panas..yg nipis saja.

(1) Don’t buy a very thick one. You won’t be comfortable in it because your shoulder will hurt and you will sweat like hell in it (makes your body smells bad).
(2) Beli winter jaket yang agak2 boleh tahan sejuk kat genting highland. Itu paling OK.
(3) During winter, it is best for you to wear many layers of clothes instead of one thick jacket. I wear 4 layers in middle winter ( 2 t-shirts, 1 sweater, 1winter jacket). Usually it is not very cold, so I wear 3layers only (2 t-shirts, and winter jaket)
(4) You can buy from the winter shop or from any other supermarket (I bought mine at Komtar). But make sure it is between RM60 to RM 80 only. More than that is expensive
(5) You can get cheaper prices in oversea.

xiv) Selipar – 1 pasang
xv) Butang baju melayu – 2 set
xvi) Cadar and sarung bantal – 2 + 2 helai (optional, you want to bring or not it’s up to you. You can buy in oversea)
xvii) Kain pelikat – 2 helai
xviii) Sejadah – 1helai
xix) Penyangkut baju (hanger) – 1set

e) Buku dan alat tulis – stock untuk setahun, kat sana mahal
i) Test pad – 2
ii) A4 paper – 1
iii) Rings – as many as you want
iv) Dictionary (super optional)
v) Al-Quran / Al-Quran terjemahan mini
vi) Al Mathuraat
vii) Pencil and lead pencil
viii) Pen
ix) Pemadam
x) Stepler and its Bullet
xi) Highlighter
xii) Puncher
xiii) Glue
xiv) Selotape – small one
xv) Liquid paper
xvi) Rubber bands
xvii) Battery

f) Miscellaneous
i) Laptop
ii) Pen drive or external hard disk
iii) Spare spectacles
iv) Contact lenses + its solution
v) Hand phone + chargers
vi) PICTURES – passport size with white background – AS MANY AS POSSIBLE [sponsor saya kata 20keping]
vii) Digicam
viii) Printer – optional
ix) Printer ink -optional


Lfikah luar negarasiapa ada beli? nak pinjam!


1) I would suggest a bag which you can carry on your shoulder (backpack). I don’t suggest you take another bag that have rollers on because it will occupy both of your hands (satu tangan pegang beg check in , satu lagi pegang hand luggage..penuh tangan)
2) If you use backpack as your hand luggage you will have one free hand. Let say you are in the London Airport and you are about to fall. You still can use the free hand to hold on something or someone. If you hand is full, you will take the fall and injured yourself.
3) Plus, there are many pickpockets in London. With the free hand, you can use it to scare them away.
4) These are the things that are VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT for you to have in your hand luggage.

a) Passport with visa in it
b) Letter of acceptance from univ (make 2 / 3 copies of it)
c) Bank drafts or bank statements (similar to financial affidavit) – you can get this from your sponsors (make 1 / 2 copies)
d) Medical report
e) Chest X-ray (roll it, don’t fold it) – to avoid queuing in the airport to take a simple chest x-ray
f) Accommodation details – address, contract, information about it, etc
g) Cash or coins in the countries currency for emergency usage (pound, Australian dollar, rubbles, rupee, rupiah etc)
h) Basic toiletries – you would want to wash your face when you reach there after a long journey.

Ok that’s all for now.I hope it is sufficient for you all to prepare for the departure. Hope to see you in UK or Ireland to whoever going there..and to the others I hope you all can make it there and be a great Muslim Doctor. [eh.saya bukan doktor]


13 responses to “Pre-Departure List of Things

  1. HiLMaN 28 August, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    wah banyak nyer, mintak copy dlu ye =)

  2. Pingback: Bukan Cuma Blooger Biasa Yang NgeBlog » Blog Archive » Pre-Departure List of Things

  3. Firdaus 29 August, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    list ni sejak 2006 lagi..lama sungguh bertahan..banyak pahala sheikh ni..

    pasal gambar tu, yg kelakarnya, rasanya sampai 5 tahun pun tak habis guna..ehhehehe..

    but no harm to bring more..

    Selamat berkemas dan terbang.

  4. adiLa 30 August, 2009 at 9:51 am

    HiLMaN: ya.sila2. ;)

    Firdaus: oo lama dah eh. bertuah syeikh tu kan. em, selamat2.tapi tak kemas apa2 pun lagi~

  5. mohaini 30 August, 2009 at 10:37 am

    assalamu’alaikum nova.=)
    selamat berangkat,moga dipermudahkan urusan.
    ~kak mohaini,spm04~

  6. Firdaus 30 August, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Nova, siapa lagi batch Nova yang akan fly sini ye? kenal Luqman Faiz (yang nasyid tu)?, dia di Preston, baru sampai twinning IMU.

    Mohani ni x smapl juga ke? Belajar mana sekarang ni?

  7. mohaini 30 August, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    a’ah x smapl.belajar dalam negara,USM.

  8. adiLa 31 August, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    wa’alaikumussalam wbt.. kak mohaini!!
    thanx ya atas doanya.
    semoga akak juga sukses.. 8)

    batch saya, smapl ke?

    Syamimy Liana- Leeds
    Aufa Nabilah – Plymouth
    Ain Nabila , Lokman Bahar, Ammar Faiz, Anas, – semua budak kmb. xpasti sangat temapatnya..tapi xsalah ramai ke eire.

    Luqman Faiz? waduh.sangat susah nk ingat orang.batch sendiri pun xdapat ingat semua..apalagi batch senior.adeh.
    tapi nama beliau macam familiar la..

  9. Mimy 1 September, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Lokman Bahar+Ammar: RCSI
    Ain: err, UCD kot
    Anas: Soton

    haha sibok je nyampuk =)

  10. ayu 1 September, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    salam nova.nice to hear from u. slmt berangkat. tahniah untuk walimah akk.

    jaga diri kat sana.

  11. adiLa 1 September, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    salam wbt..

    haa datang pun untuk tolong explain.hehe.trimas makcik! nanti jemput visit saya ye.dekat je leeds tu.

    jazakillah dear ;)
    nanti ayu datang uk lagi ye. gi scotland lak.hehe.
    doakan jugak cita2 nova at least 2nd year nak p mesir.huhu.dah lama benor berhajat =)

  12. sobatmuslim 2 September, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Ramadhan saat yang sangat tepat untuk kita meningkatkan lagi kedekatan kita pada Al-Qur’an.
    Kalau bisa khatam sekali, atau 2x lebih bagus lagi. Dan nanti setelah Ramadhan juga harus tetap dipertahankan.

    Selain baca juga harus meresapi makna setiap kata dlam Al-Qur’an, baca terjemahan atau tafsirnya. Syaamil ada Al-Qur’an dengan terjemahan perkata, sangat memudahkan untuk membaca Al-Qur’an sekaligus mengetahui arti setiap katanya, juga sangat membantu kalau mau belajar bahasa Arab. Coba lihat di

  13. ahli persatuan 8 September, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    boleh dptkan info dan juga lain2 untuk perhatian. Sila forwardkan kpd kenalan2 yg mungkin memerlukannya.


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